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Constant Cold Feet

icon By: Kurt - Medicine Simply Put

Ice blocks for feet.  That is how a patient described his feet.  He told me it has been going on since he was a little tyke.  That told me a lot.  Meaning that it is probably not a circulation problem since as a little guy he hadn’t had the time to screw it up with high sugar and bad cholesterol diet.

When I had him take his shoes and socks off his feet were warm to my touch, great bounding pulses, and good capillary refill (when I push down on the toenails and push the blood out and release and count how many seconds it takes to refill.  More than 3 seconds is bad).

What he has is peripheral neuropathy.  The nerves in his legs are not working right so he senses constant coldness all year round.  We use a couple medications to reset the nerve or decrease the stimulation of the nerve so he can determine other sensations.  After he started taking them he said within a few days he felt a warmth sensation to his feet, the first time, in a long time.

Other people’s feet can actually feel cold to others.  It can be from diabetes, bad cholesterol, and even a nerve problem causing the blood vessels to slam shut and not let blood into the feet.  We rule out all the causes so we know what would work best for an individual.

So don’t be have cold feet.  Get them checked out.  We promise we won’t tickle them, honest.

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